【Words of boys confessing to boys】The most touching words to confess to boys |

2. Not because I miss you, but because I miss you. Not because you are handsome, but because you become handsome after chasing you. Not because I miss contact, but because my heart is full of miss!

3. I don't care what I want, what is wrong, what is wrong, as long as I have you, everything becomes!

4. In the world of love, I have nothing and know nothing. In the emotional station, I wish you to be the first visitor and the host, accompany me and pamper me for the rest of my life!

5. Together with you, the moment I met you, so, did we live together in the previous life? If possible, I hope we can be together, apart.

7. If eyes can promise love, I am willing to look across the world, if holding hands can promise love, I am willing to hold hands, if time can promise love, I am willing to grow old together, love you, I am willing to give everything.

8. Love a pair of wings and be obsessed with the power of the wind; there will be thick fog, and the wings will be wet to fly; to find your own sky, flying against the wind is unstoppable.

9. I will love you for a long time, from school uniform to wedding dress.

10. On the first day I met you, I was conquered by your eyes. At that time, I knew that I was your captive for life!

12. There is no reason to love you, and there is no reservation in loving you. Love you forever, love you for nothing.

13. I love you, so send a message to you, mobile signal, to deliver my love; if you love me, please reply to me, when I come, I will reply to you!

14. Miss day and night, miss tired. Just to see you, this life nostalgia.

15. I have been looking for you for a long time, and Mu Ran looks back at you and waits; I find you, and see your affectionate eyes; my heart beats, my love moves, you are in my life!

17. Live in one place all your life and sleep next to one person all your life.

18. Every time I sneeze, I think you miss me, even though I know I have a cold!

19. How long is the road? How long will I walk with you, no complaints, frowning.

20. I will spend my whole life and give you half of it.

21. Be grateful! Thank you for being with me all the way through the long years!

22. If you are a mountain, I would like to be a small river, and I will circle you; if you are a tea, I would like to be boiled water, and I will soak you; if you are a cloud, I would like to be the wind, and I will chase you.

23. There are days with you, even if!

24. Thinking every day, thinking at night, thinking at all times; thinking when walking, stopping thinking, thinking; thinking when waking up, thinking about dreams, thinking all day long; knowing that lovesickness is painful, you think, you will hold hands in your dreams tonight!

25. If life is a river, you and I will reach your side every time we swim; if life is a mountain, you reach the top of the cloud, and every step of climbing is just for you to overlook the world together!

26. Don't ask me that I love you, I can't say it, knowing you has become a habit in my life, an indispensable habit, every day, I can eat and sleep, I can't miss you

27. It's not born with you, but it starts the moment you fall in love with someone. — Girls and boys confess their love

28. Morning is the beginning, night is the end, sunny days are all you, rainy days wash away all sorrows. Whether it is sunny or rainy, whether it is morning or night, I wish you every day!

29. Love is the accumulation of bits and pieces, bit by bit, treasure the bottom of the heart, brewing in the bottom of the heart, two people take care of it together. Quietly, love changed and became something called something, lingering between two people for a lifetime.

30. Like, a touch of love. Love, love deeply. I hope I don't have to send you home in the future, but we go back to our home together.

31. In this life, I fell in love with you, I hope, I will be crazy with you for the rest of my life

32. Hold your hand, day and night, hold your hand, wait for tomorrow, hold your hand, walk through this life, hold your hand, life after life.

33. God knows how much I love you, God knows I was moved.

34. In the vast sea of ​​people, it is a kind of fate to meet you. I hope that I will exchange your true love.

35. Wind chasing clouds, ice into water, fire, rocks, when there is no love in the world, I can stop loving you

36. It's you with eyes open, it's you with eyes closed, it's you who escaped to the dream, it's you or you, I'm puzzled, and I can't figure it out. Please tell me, please, what's going on?

38. What does it mean to like someone? When you read the constellations, you always read them together by the way.

40., I love you because you are the person in my life.

41. Your nagging is the time of my life, and I know it.

42. With you all the way, worry calmly, smile, have you all my life, worry, be happy, love and happy life make me intoxicated, make me obsessed, all because of you.

43. If your love is fate, then I choose to seize it. If your love is a program, then I choose to execute it happily. If you stay together, then I choose to go on, what about you?

44. Time, love, a lot of companionship, the end is coming, fall in love, a lot of warmth with each other, heart-to-heart connection, love.

45. If falling in love with you is a kind of mistake, I firmly believe that it will be a beautiful mistake in life, and I would rather be wrong for the rest of my life……

46. ​​If possible, I would like to spend every second of my life~ to be with you~

49. A love, either, start, or, a lifetime. A person, either, don't be tempted, or, desperately love.

1. There are some songs that you never tire of listening to, some people are always fresh in your memory, some things are always on your mind, some words are always forgotten, some loves are always lingering for a lifetime, and some feelings are always aftertaste:, really miss you!

2. Sitting alone in the lovesickness chair, holding the lovesickness pen in hand, looking at the lovesickness moon, thinking of lovesickness for you, writing lovesickness letters, words of lovesickness, tears of lovesickness, all loves you, the sky is blue and the sea is, I love you yes!

3. Heart-to-heart calling cannot be separated from deep love; heart-to-heart communication cannot be separated from longing. Every day in my life, I would like to have you by my side until the sea dries up and the rocks change.

4. I know whether the moon can represent my heart, but I tell you I love you! I love you, I can't find a standard to measure, but I guarantee that time can witness that I love you all my life!

5. Embracing the time, unfamiliar with the hustle and bustle of the city, holding hands in the days, watching those heartbreaking, love you, love you, the first time we met eyes, heart you capture, love you collection.

6. You are like a bright mirror, you are doomed in this life; you are like a flower, I love you so much that there is nowhere to hide; you are like green water, I love you to chase after you; you are like the blue sky, you will go crazy when I see you. love you love you!

7. I miss you so much! If Qingfeng is affectionate, please take me with you to miss you and care about you in this life; if Baiyun is interested, please take me with you to love you, and wish to be with you forever and ever!

8. It takes a minute to meet someone, an hour to like someone, and a day to fall in love with someone, but it takes me a lifetime to forget you.

9. You are beautiful in this world, your eyes make me warm, the stars are in a row, the moonlight is smiling in a curve, I look at you stupidly, no matter how I look at it, I like it. As long as you, I do whatever you want, because I love you, my heart!

10. I like you, I will smile when I think of you, I don't care if you understand why I smile. I smile when the wind blows, I smile when the sun blows, and the wind and the sun, like you, don't understand why I smile. How I treat the wind and the sun, how I treat you

11. You are the one I met in my life, and I will thank you for this beautiful autumn all my life. I imagine having you to accompany me, I imagine having you to take care of the warm life, I imagine having your laughter in every corner; holding your hand , Yes, it's the responsibility, I hold your hand in this life, and I won't let you go. When you and I are in our arms, you will understand that all your efforts will be rewarded in my life.

12. I love you the way I do, but you say I understand you, but I want to tell you that you are not what you want, but you are what I think. , if you are; but the only thing I can do is you.

13. Wandering is familiar with that street, you are familiar with caring, I found you, I found my life-long ties, and the ties are beautiful. I still love you, even if I have a chance to love you, I will make you a promise. It is the choice of love that brings me back to the origin of loving you. Meeting in this life is a miracle. I will not give up the mystery of love lightly, and the beauty of this bondage.

14. Without you, my world is hazy; without you, I don’t know where to be happy; without you, I can’t smile; you are me, you are my love, I love you all my life, may I confess and make you happy!

15. Even if your black hair turns into white hair, my stalwart body is tall and straight; even if my legs and feet are portrayed by your face and years; and we still join hands in the sunset!

16. I don't have the courage to say love, I don't have the courage to confess, I don't have the courage to say I miss you, it's you, I have the courage to give up everything to love you

17. Blink your eyes, I die, blink your eyes, I come alive, blink your eyes, so I die.

18. If it weren't for loving you, how could I not be sleepy at night; if it wasn't for loving you, how could I sigh inadvertently, you are the only one in the world who understands that I love you!

19. You are my shadow, when there is sunshine, there is you! You are my sunshine, I need you in stormy days! You are my wind and rain, and forget each other on the same road!

20. Time to say goodbye, miss will not change, no matter how much, I can see your face, time to say goodbye, love will not change, no matter how much, I want to see your eyes, time can not change our heart and hand, love you.

21. Without you, my sky is full of colors; without you, my world has one more missing.

22. Morning is the beginning, night is the end, sunny days are all you, rainy days wash away all sorrows. Whether it is sunny or rainy, whether it is morning or night, I wish you every day! !

23. Send you a cup of coffee, send you a pair of warm red gloves, send you a beautiful flower scarf, send you all the warmth that can bring you in winter, send you my heart!

24. You miss too much, broke the mobile phone chain, burned the phone line, took out the piggy bank, and ignored the sunny day. Out of sleeping pills, tired of three meals a day, why am I like this? well! I want to see you!

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25. If one day you leave, as long as you turn around, I bless you by my side, no matter how far away, no matter how many years, I will turn this blessing into little blue stars, flashing the morning light, flashing the sun, flashing you 1 I want to give my breathing and heartbeat to you Custody, know if you would?

26. My eyes look at your eyes affectionately, like the blue of the sea, which needs to be kneaded into a small grain of fine sand.

27. Your name and my surname make this story, and there will be no worries and worries from now on, but you are enough in the story!

28. I won't let my love, I pass by! Now I want to tell you loudly: I love you!

29. You have the right to reject my love, but you cannot despise my love, because it is a sincere heart that beats you.

30. I knew that I was destined to be with you, but I don't know how to take back my heart. Can't tell the story, a beautiful encounter, love is an intoxication without regrets.

31. It was my mistake to like you, and I have changed a lot when I fall in love with you! Fool, I love you!

32. Do you know? Your knife deprives me of my smile, I am trapped in a prison of lovesickness, the expression of my eyes is reduced due to anticipation, and I am left thinking about you, loving you, making me sleepless all night.

33. Over the years, I have been looking for ideal love, but no one can impress me at the first moment like you, and impress me.

34. You want to say love, promise to owe debts, don't love, you close the door!

35. If the frog hadn't turned into a prince, if the princess hadn't woken up, if the mermaid hadn't walked on land, would I have believed in love? believe! Because of you and me.

36. It's still the match, she said that men are lower body animals. Those men keep saying that when you say the rest of your life, they mean your lower body.

37. There will be no pain when you like someone. Love a person, there is long pain, but he and I are the world.

38. You smiled and said to me, when you love someone to the bone, that is love. At that time I laughed, I love you and you spread to every cell in my body, it is the critical point that I can love, do you feel it? received?

39. The distance in life is not, life and death, but when I stand in front of you, you know that I love you.

40. In my house, there is no problem with dozens of people coming to eat and live together; but my heart is so crowded that it can only accommodate you alone.

41. When one heart and another heart meet and attract each other, it is a friendship, and there is a miss afterwards. Beautiful mood, summer season, I want to tell you that you are the beautiful encounter in my life!

42. If I am alive, it is God who gave me my life, then I am alive with you, it is God who gave me the gift of mission

43. I love you, but I said, I am afraid that I will die if I say it, I am not afraid of death, but I am afraid that if I die, who will love you like me!

44. I love you, so send a message to you, mobile signal, to deliver my love; if you love me, please message me back, when I come, I will reply you!

45. Time, place, crowd, only you and me; time changes, space changes, only you miss infinitely!

46. ​​If you have smelled the fragrance of flowers, ask me who is the most popular flower, if you love and know, if you are drunk and know wine, the flowers bloom and wither, the fate stays, like the spring breeze comes and goes, women are like flowers and dreams.

47. When you are unhappy, I will accompany you. When you cry, I will accompany you. When you are in a bad mood, I will accompany you. When you don’t want to go home, I will accompany you. No matter what, I will accompany you, because you are mine. You and me music, you and me bring nice notes. You are my everything, you bring color to my life.

48. Now I wake up every day and open my eyes to see your sunny smile on the wall. I think that when I wake up one day, the first thing I see is your sweet sleeping face like a flower.

49. Smile, every heartbeat, silence, is better than illusory eachother; true love collision, soul fit, not enough, is better than countless true love confessions.

50. I like you, so I don't want to give up, you are so sunny, in my heart, I remember you.

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1. There is only one thing for the soul, and that is love. ——"Long Reader" Comments: The object of the confession is the literary youth, remember. "The Reader"

2. There are some people, and some people are out of gold and jade, but one day, you will meet someone who makes you feel that all the people you have met before are just clouds. Comments: You can talk about life and ideals first, then look directly into the other person's eyes and say the above sentence, seize the opportunity and hold the other person's hand like in the stills… "Pounding Heartbeat"

3. The golden sentence of confession: Memories are originally, as long as you let the past pass. ——"Love at Sunset and Twilight" Comments: If two people who have gone through the vicissitudes of life can come together, please. "Love at Sunset and Twilight"

4. I love you when you catch a cold when it's 71 degrees outside, I love you order a sandwich for half an hour, I love being with you all day and then I can smell you on my clothes, I love you being the last one I have before bed every night want to talk to people. "When Harry Met Sally"

6. The wish of the heart, the companionship of the heart, the warmth of the heart, the affectionate glance, the love for thousands of years, would rather bear the common people, not lose the king's heart, live up to the Yi's heart, but seeking the same heart, love, is enough. It's just, you, are you willing to be my only one, the only one I love? I am all over the city, just for you…

7. If I were your sea, may your reed sail be calm; if I were your sky, may you have clear sky and clouds; if I were a butterfly, please allow me to fly over Wushan. The distance is only for Fly to the other shore, meet flowers; if I am a deep-sea whale, please allow me to swim across the sea, what is my fate, just to swim to the seashore, where fish meet. Waiting for a sunrise, I will spend a day, but waiting for you, I will spend a period of time. The time is quiet and good, you talk; the years are like songs, you sing; the mist and rain, the world of mortals, you dance;

8. I need people, I need people. Years, I met you; Seasons, I fell in love with you; Together with you, it is my time. Because of you, I met a self, because of you, I met a self… If one day, I write a three-line letter to you, don’t be sad about it, it’s because I can’t engrave my feelings on the paper and send my dreams to you; If there is such a day, I love you, don't be disappointed by this, it is because I have written, exhausted, and exhausted you; if there is such a day, I can't sit behind you, don't care about it, I will continue you Let's encourage each other; if one day we miss our dream, don't be sad about it, I will admire you as usual and love you as before. Ask Jun if you agree, I will love you, Jun Moyan…

9. There are some things that I wanted to tell you personally, but there was always no chance. I missed many opportunities, and sometimes I didn’t have time to look back… I didn’t have time to participate in the past. I will participate in your present and future. I will pour my glass to you if you are dependent on each other. Jun…

10. "Even if you are, I will continue to love you. If you are angry, you will ignore it. If you talk to me, you will win. I love you." ——ranana "The Object"

11. "Although I have to face death, we are like brothers, and I love you as before… St. Gabriel leads me to heaven." ——dnax "The Joker Cantata"

12. God, do you wear an extra layer? The night is on the window sill, have you received my miss? Asuka and I are afraid that you will expose it. Hiding under the eaves of the rain, every bit of it has become love. Acquaintance is a kind of fate, late, how many photos have been exchanged, and they will appear by your side. I look at your face and you smile. Know if you find out, you walk into my heart. I disguised my face and words, thought about the past, and worried that I would not be able to return to the past, but I didn't want to face the miss. This is not pastime, forgive me for not presenting it directly, such empty words. Please look into my eyes, the flame of love. Plaza Park, I want to take you to a show. Your fingertips, kiss your mouth. Regardless of whether I will walk into your heart or not, I miss you 365 days, I beg to see you even just for a glance. ——Blue and White Rain Shadow

13. Helplessness is the appearance of being indifferent and doing nothing after everything is transparent…

14. You will care about me, love me and take care of me like my family. Can I give up everything? I am like your family, because I am your family. –Wolf

15. Although you are like a glass of boiled water without sweet words, I will not be able to live without this glass of boiled water.

16. The mood is fluttering and calm; the heart is fluttering, the stone is rotten and the sea is dry; ——Li Xin

17. Now I like scrambled eggs with tomatoes, I like candy, I like bubble drama, I like Master Kong, I like red, I like cockscomb flower, I like bubble skirt, I like SpongeBob SquarePants, I like swinging, I like I sleep in a big bed, I like fairy heads, I like you…

18. I confess to those who love me, I know how to face this feeling, I hate you, I'm sorry, I don't miss you.

Everyone has the feeling of first love. When you fall in love with someone, you feel as if you belong to yourself and live in it every day. Everyone will miss this feeling, it is the confession they like, and it will be unforgettable. So what are the moving words of boys' confession? If a girl wants to confess to a boy, then the way to let the other party feel you. Use your enthusiasm to impress the other party and make the other party believe in you. Sometimes a man and a woman need to say I love you to be able to understand each other's heart. One person feels that whether he can accept the other's love needs serious thinking. If you are willing to accept the other party, then boldly accept the other party's confession and be together sincerely. Love gives everyone the same rights, it depends on how everyone faces it.

1. It is not born with you. From the moment you fell in love with you, I felt it, and I will never do it again.

2. I fell in love with you instantly when I saw you. I used to believe in love at first sight, but now I believe it.

3. Meeting you is a beautiful encounter in my life. From now on, the two of us will be a whole, and we will love each other forever.

4. I dream that you will go to the end together. Without you, everything becomes meaningless.

5. Life is monotonous without meeting you, but after having you, my life becomes colorful.

1. If possible, I hope I can stand beside you quietly like this, no matter how time changes, believe me, you love me, and you are still the same as before.

2. I never thought of meeting you here. You appear in my life. I feel what is warmth and what is care. Thank you.

3. Your sunshine shines into my atrium, and my heart feels it because of your warmth. hold my hand if you can

When we meet that we like him/her, we will confess to the other party, and the confession is more male, so today, we have collected some male confessions. If you are interested in this aspect, you may wish to compile and learn together. Next, I hope it will be useful to you.

When we meet that we like him/her, we will confess to the other party, and the confession is more male, so today, we have collected some male confessions. If you are interested in this aspect, you may wish to compile and learn together. Next, I hope it will be useful to you.

1. You are bread in the morning and ice cream in summer. When I meet you, my heart beats faster, and when I don’t see you, my mood gets worse. I dream of you passing time, and I hope to have you instead of waiting for a long time.

2. Counting the stars in the sky belongs to our memory. I play the guitar in my heart, let it fly to the place where you are, and accompany you to fall asleep.

3. Because I miss you, my mobile phone is in arrears; because of you, my mobile phone is turned off; because of you, my service area, so that I can get missing signals anytime, anywhere, and warm my heart.

4. Loving you is as warm as bathing in the sun. When I see your eyes, I can resist all the dust in my life; falling in love with you is like falling in love with the stars. Listening to your whisper, I hope that the hour hand can stop at this time.

1. Did you know? From the beginning of knowing you, I stand behind you. I hope that one day, you will look back and see me. Whenever, as long as you want a confidant hug, someone to wipe your tears, as long as you are willing to look back, I will be behind you.

2. Unforgettable, I now remember your smiling eyes, your expression, everything is so beautiful, falling in love with you is, so don't let me stay alone, I will try my best to make my life enjoyable in the future, and let you take the test.

3. You are like a cloud floating in front of my eyes, with a beautiful spring smile on your face. In your bright eyes, you are a goddess carved in ivory, generous and dignified, and all men deeply worship you.

4. There will be dreams with you during the day, and you with dreams at night. You have to take care of yourself, don't let yourself have a cold and runny nose, if you sneeze, it means I am thinking of you.

Editor's summary: How to say a boy's confession, which confession can move her. When many boys confess, they will, so they think of the confession for a while, so you might as well refer to the editor to share. I believe that if you are fully prepared, the success rate of the confession will be, and the lover will be married.

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