[What constellation was born in October of the lunar calendar in 1990] What is the constellation of Mu Liuyao born on November 10 of the lunar calendar | What is the constellation of October 1990 in the lunar calendar | What is the constellation of October 18 in the 1990 lunar calendar |

In 270 BC, the Greek poet Aratos mentioned 47 constellations in his "Image of Objects". It can be known from the star area recorded in "Wu Xiang" that due to precession, the South Pole is now the same as the South Pole in the period described in the book. It can be inferred that the record in the book is the starry sky before 2000 BC; at the same time, the blank area of ​​the starry sky record indicates that the observer should be north latitude Around 35° to 36°.

Therefore, some people believe that the practice of dividing the constellations in the starry sky originated from the Babylonian and Sumerian periods in Mesopotamia, and the Greek and Egyptian constellations may have been introduced from this area.

By the second century AD, Ptolemy recorded 1022 stars in 48 constellations in his Almagest, which is the prototype of modern constellations. Afterwards, many astronomers filled the constellations in the Ptolemy constellation; Baye in 1603, Hevelius in 1690, and Lakai in 1752 successively named the southern sky constellation within two centuries.

23-11. 21) IQ index: 140 EQ index: 80–90 (hit or scorpion EQ0) Patron saint: Greece-Hades (Hades) Rome-Pluto (Pluto) Birthstone: opal lucky stone : Topaz, ruby, opal October 24 to November 2 Zone 1 is tourmaline November 3 to November 12 Zone 2 is moonstone (silver, light blue iridescence) November 13 to November 22 Day 3 is Garnet Location: Water Place Day: Tuesday Weakness: Negativity, There is a sense of potential crisis Symbol: Scorpion Ruler: Pluto Ruler House: Eighth House Yin and Yang: Negative Exposure, interruptions, talking bad about yourself behind your back Constellation: Cancer Pisces Auspicious gems: Ruby, Opal Auspicious plants: Thistlegrass, wormwood, cactus, vineyards, entertainment venues, hotels and places.

Living conditions: full of mystery, antique furniture. Ideal country to live in: Norway, Malaysia, Switzerland, Bulgaria, Australia, the United States, Arab countries, Greece, and Italy. Three countries with mysterious colors: Emotional (water-like traits) account for 70%, practicality (earth-like traits) account for 30%.

Scorpio and other zodiac signs Interaction perfect match – Cancer, Pisces trust zodiac – Leo Taurus Pisces best study object – Taurus best work partner – Sagittarius influences zodiac – Leo masters zodiac signs – Virgo, Gemini, Sagittarius, Aquarius need to pay attention to zodiac signs – Aries, Leo, Libra, Capricorn 100% coordinated constellation – Cancer, Pisces, 90% coordinated constellation – Capricorn, Virgo 80% coordinated constellation – Scorpio opposite constellation – Taurus Aries Scorpio & Aquarius: love concept and ~ Scorpio & Sagittarius : Attractive~ Scorpio & Aries: Enemy in love~ Scorpio & Gemini: Incredible charm~ Scorpio & Cancer: Feelings are lovers, feelings are enemies~ Scorpio & Leo: One side needs to be patient~ Scorpio & Virgo: Remember, stay together ~ Scorpio & Libra: Destiny ~ Scorpio & Scorpio: Scarred together ~ Scorpio & Capricorn: Like-minded ~ Scorpio & Taurus: Attractive ~ Scorpio & Pisces: A pair ~.

Scorpio (Scorpio) is "October 24~November 22" in the Gregorian calendar, which makes people wonder about the constellation.

They can be very persistent and can be very destructive; in the kingdom of love, black and white are clearly distinguished, there is no gray area, they have their own goals, and they set their own goals and move forward. EQ Index: 80━90 Guardian Star: Pluto (symbolizes transformation) Guardian God: Greece-Prutto Rome-Hades Lucky Stone: Topaz Lucky Day: Tuesday Number: 3,5 Location: Water Place Like: To find things.

Ideal country of residence: Norway, Malaysia, Syria, Bulgaria, Queensland, Australia. Scorpio (Scorpio) "October 24th~November 21st" Dominant planets: Mars and Pluto Attribute: Water sign Born in autumn Horoscope or sun Personality traits of Scorpio people: People with this zodiac sign have a sixth sense, visitation ability and attraction Power, doing things by intuition; although he has observation skills, he often decides everything by feeling.

Scorpio has a compromised personality and is competitive. This is a kind of self-request for self-transcendence and filling the deepest desires. Because of this, Scorpion people always have a goal in mind, have perseverance, indomitable fighting spirit and combat effectiveness, and move towards the goal after deliberation.

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What is the constellation of October 18 in the lunar calendar in 1990?

What is the zodiac sign in October of the lunar calendar in 1990?

In 1990, August of the lunar calendar corresponds to September 19 and October 17 of the Gregorian calendar, and the zodiac signs are Virgo and Libra. 1. Virgo: It is the sixth house of the zodiac. The date of birth is from August 23 to September 22. It is east of Leo and west of Libra. 2. Libra: It is the seventh house of the zodiac. The date of birth is from September 23 to October 23 every year. It is located in the east of Virgo and west of Scorpio.

Virgo is a very constellation, their enthusiasm is blocking, love is a constellation, they have the ability to judge, know how to analyze problems and propose solutions, they are rarely confused by the surface, and can often directly touch the key to the problem. They know how to break things down into details and like to do things piece by piece. Deep down, they are afraid of being overwhelmed by seemingly problems. Virgo people pay attention to details.

Virgos will pay attention to the things they care about, no matter how many things happen around them, they will not care, only they will pay attention to the changes in things, they will take action, Virgos will calmly face everything in life.

Libras have a personality, sense of responsibility, approachability, affection, thirst for knowledge, and empathy; peace-loving, indifferent to the world are their characteristics; they pursue a sense of balance, aesthetic ability, and adaptability; at the same time, Libras are indecisive, hesitant, will, Tangled, very affected.

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[Qianyuantang] What is the zodiac sign of Mu Liuyao born on November 10 of the lunar calendar?

What are the constellations in August of the lunar calendar in 1990? What are the constellations in August of the lunar calendar in 1990?

The Libra zodiac sign has an extreme personality, and is born with the ability to simultaneously present idealism and realism. In addition, social Libras have amiable feelings and emotional intelligence. No matter what they do, they are loved by others. It is their nature to deal with all kinds of things. In terms of art aesthetics, I have my own comprehension and understanding. Although I am not an expert, I have my own opinions and hobbies in a certain field.

May 25th of the lunar calendar in 1990 is Gemini. Gemini is the third house in the zodiac. The date of birth is May 21 and June 21. It is located in the east of Taurus and west of Cancer. Geminis tend to like new things. They are smart but focused on doing things. Gemini people are childish, active, greedy for novelty, and tired of the same life style. Faced with difficult work, they like anything that can be superficial.

Gemini people are cheerful and like to make friends very much, because most of them are flexible in mind and outstanding in eloquence, and they often dominate in conversations with others. They are good at chatting with others. Because they can talk. People like this are often the ones who can control everything in their own hands. They can talk sweetly to you and lie to you at the same time, and they will not show a single flaw. They make up lies that can paint the hype in stone.

Geminis are rational, but they are rational beyond the human category. They are born with nature, and sometimes they do it just because the other party saves face. If they think about something, they can achieve it. To put it bluntly, they are still too fettered by emotional things, otherwise they will be rational.

The negative energy side of Gemini is. Gemini is a person. When they are in danger, they think of themselves and don't care about other people's life or death. Because Geminis think this way, sometimes they can't communicate at all. Because of what they say, they can plausibly express that they have a reason for doing so. From their point of view, people don't kill the world for themselves, and a person who knows how to give is a fool. Thinking about others when you don't have a life, isn't that what a human being would do.

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