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It can be seen from the above that [Day Value Shou Death Major Event], referred to as Shou Death Day, is not a good day, not the so-called auspicious day of the zodiac. Let me popularize here by the way, the so-called auspicious days of the zodiac, good days, are unique words in the old almanac, and they are our traditional words. Look at this about marriage. If it is not an auspicious day, you will not get married.

In our country, we still pay attention to the selection of auspicious days, which can be roughly divided into the following four points.

From ancient times to the present, our wedding day is still fancy. The older generation in the family cares about the moon and the year, and thinks that these years are years or months.

Three months to avoid for marriage are March, July and September. Because these three months coincide with festivals, auspicious festivals. For example, "Ching Ming Festival", "Yu Lan Festival" and "Gongjie", so these three months are called ghost months, which are suitable for weddings. And the eighth month of the lunar calendar is a day, because the Mid-Autumn Festival is a symbol of harmony and beauty, and there is a saying that there is a reunion on the second day of the month, so the wedding month should be chosen in August.

According to the legend, Yue didn't have Sanniang to tie the knot, so Sanniang didn't marry out, but was in revenge, so Sanniang liked to fight against marriages and sabotage the couple. And the time of destruction is the third, seventh, thirteenth, eighteenth, twenty-second and twenty-seventh of each month, now it is called Sanniangsha. Get married or avoid these days.

Traditionally, the date of marriage is chosen, one is the bride's date of birth, and then reference is made to the man and others. The so-called "children depend on the time of birth, and women depend on the year of marriage", that's how it came about. If it is traditional, things will happen. lead to marriage and divorce. If you follow the law, you will be lucky.

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The Qixi Festival is called the Qiqiao Festival, which is mainly derived from the beautiful legend of the Cowherd and the Weaver Girl. Development, the Qixi Festival is the day when the Cowherd and the Weaver Girl meet. It is a traditional Chinese festival and is celebrated on the seventh day of July every year. Over time, Qixi Festival has become Chinese Valentine's Day, which has been sought after by most young men and women. Most people want to get a marriage certificate or enter the marriage hall with the person they like on this day, expressing their feelings of never leaving and growing old together. So, do you want to get a certificate on Chinese Valentine’s Day in 2019? Let’s take a look below.

On August 7, 2019, the seventh day of the seventh month of the lunar calendar, Chongma (Gengwu) Shanan

It can be seen from the old almanac that the Qixi Festival in 2019 is suitable for a series of marriage matters such as marriage, marriage, engagement and obtaining certificates. At the same time, major events are marked, which means that any activities will be held on this day. In addition, Chongma means that horse people should pay attention to avoid doing these things on the day, because it is too dangerous.

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In 2019, the days that are not suitable for going to the beam

December 31, 2019 Zodiac Calendar

February 14, 2019, the tenth day of the first lunar month

The first day of the first month of the lunar calendar is the annual Valentine's Day. It is meaningful to get a marriage certificate on this day, and the old almanac shows that it is suitable to get a certificate on this day, so married men and women may wish to choose this day to get a certificate.

May 20, 2019, the sixteenth day of the fourth lunar month

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May 20 has the same pronunciation as "I love you". Choosing this day to get the certificate not only expresses one's heart as a testimony of love, but also the old almanac shows that this day is suitable for getting a marriage certificate, so it is a suitable day for getting a marriage certificate.

1. On the day of receiving the certificate, you must grasp the time to avoid the peak of crowds. At the same time, remember to bring your household registration booklet and ID card when you go on the day.

2. On the day of receiving the certificate, you should choose the color of your clothes. Light colors are the main color, because most of the background of the marriage certificate is red. Against the background, choosing light-colored clothes will look matching and beautiful.

3. On the day of receiving the certificate, the staff will ask whether the premarital examination is necessary. Although it is, it is recommended to carry it out, and to ensure a guarantee for future life.

4. To obtain the certificate, you need to register at the place of your household registration. Registration is not possible in other areas. Keep this in mind to avoid delaying the auspicious time for obtaining the certificate.

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